Now Accepting Applications For Museum Manager Position

Museum Manager

30 hours/week, starting @ $15/hour


NOTICE: Cook County Historical Society seeks a Museum Manager. Major duties include care of historic collections, coordination of volunteers, scheduling events and programs, public relations and tours, fundraising, historic research, graphic design, and gift shop management. Candidates should have an educational background in a related field, preferably a Bachelor’s degree. Pay starts at $15/hour at 30 hours/week. Send your cover letter, resume and contact information for three professional references by October 11 to history@boreal.org or PO. Box 1293, Grand Marais, MN 55604.


Museum Manager Job Description

Purpose: Reporting to the Executive Director, the Museum Manager will be responsible for day-to-day functions of the Cook County History Museum and other historic sites of Historic Cook County.

CCHS Mission Statement: The purpose of the Cook County Historical Society (CCHS) shall be the collection, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge about the history of Cook County and to relate it to the history of the State of Minnesota.


Museum Management

·         Assist in the development of history exhibit content

·         Identify and communicate Museum site building needs and opportunities

·         Create history content for social media and website

·         Create graphics as needed for CCHS exhibits, marketing and web content

·         Document relevant policies and procedures


·         Manage all CCHS collections in all locations

·         Manage artifact conservation and storage

·         Manage collection databases (PastPerfect and others)

·         Lead digitization of collection

·         Manage digital content

·         Conduct collection research.

·         Complete data migration

·         Upload data to PastPerfect Online on a regular basis

·         Ensure PastPerfect back-ups completed on a regular basis

·         Review and revise collection policies as needed

·         Maintain donor/lender paperwork

·         Maintain "permissions for use" paperwork

·         Ensure transcription of oral histories completed

Volunteer Coordination

·         Recruit, train, schedule and manage Museum and history site volunteers

·         Train volunteers on sales procedures for Museum

·         Maintain visitor and volunteer database

·         Maintain volunteer contact lists


·         Maintain history event schedule and calendar – using Google Calendar and other shared calendars

·         Create and coordinate content on Museum social media channels

·         Develop history content for radio and other media outlets

·         Develop history content for tours and programs

·         Lead production of the newsletter

·         Coordinate and conduct outreach to schools and community members

·         Engage local experts in CCHS planning and activities

·         Schedule staff and volunteers for history events and preparation of events and tours

·         Serve as main contact for research requests; conduct research for public as needed


·         Organize and maintain CCHS network files

·         Maintain and update documentation of all relevant policies and procedures

·         Aid in the development of marketing, PR, and fundraising materials for CCHS as a whole

·         Coordinate logistics of CCHS wide events and fundraiser

·         Edit communications, promotional, and exhibit materials


·         Seek grant sources for Museum and history projects

·         Write, manage and report on history and Museum specific grants

·         Identify potential fundraising opportunities for Museum, history projects and CCHS

Marketing/Public Relations

·         Create and coordinate the distribution of posters and materials for Museum exhibits and history events

·         Create content for tourist and community organizations and media outlets

·         Coordinate production and schedule marketing with Boreal.org, WTIP radio, Visit Cook County and other free outlets

Museum Gift Shop

·         Develop and manage Museum gift shop

·         Manage stock and pricing

·         Display and market merchandise to maximize sales