Every contribution counts!

Donations can be made to the Cook County Historical Society, or be designated to one of our 5 historic sites.  Special giving opportunities are also available throughout the year.



Donations of artifacts from the public contribute toward the collection of the Cook County Historical Society. Please understand that we cannot accept everything people wish to donate. Our staff will evaluate any offered artifact, and determine if it is appropriate for addition to our collection.

To discuss a donation, contact Martha Marnocha at or Carrie Johnson at Please do not bring donations to the museum without first making an appointment with a staff member at CCHS. When possible, email all information about your donation, along with photographs. Please be sure to include your contact information and any additional information you may have about the artifact/photo.

Special Donation Opportunities

The Historical Society will on occasion have special giving opportunities to fund specific projects at our 5 historic locations. The current giving opportunity is to support necessary repairs to the St. Francis Xavier Church (Chippewa City).