The Fish House Replica

fish house.jpg

The Fish House Replica is set on cribbing, 12 x 20 feet in size and represents the early days of the 1900s. The fish house interior is handicapped accessible with a display foyer upon entering and a 1930s fish house interior visible from the foyer. Local high school students have helped created a typical fish house scene including manikins of a fisherman and his wife cleaning herring, preparing it for shipping to Duluth and on to Chicago.

Alongside is a typical boat ramp and a fishing skiff built by the Scott family and previously owned by Russell Zerbach.  This type of skiff and ramp were used by most fishermen on the shore. The second boat on site is the Neegee.

There are interpretive posters explaining the artifacts and well as photos of other commercial fishing activities in Cook County.

The fish house replica was made possible by many volunteer hours and a grant from the Lake Superior Coastal Zone Program administered by DNR and NOAA.

The Fish House Replica is operated in cooperation with the City of Grand Marais Park and Recreation program and is free to the public.