PLein Air Grand Marais 2018 Award winners

For a video of the Award Ceremony please click here.

Main Category Awards: 

1st Place - Carl Bretzke “Upper Lot at North House”

2nd Place - Bob Upton “Harbor Motif #2”

3rd Place - Neil Sherman “Gunflint Greening”

4th Place - Chrstopher Copeland “Red Rock Formations” 

Honorable Mention for Main Category:

1.      Jack Dant “Breakwater Blues”

2.      Kami Mendlik “morning Simplicity”

3.      Sue Wipf “Glowing Superior” 

Atmospheric Perspective Award: Bridget Ertelt “Our Wilderness”

Night Paint Awards: 

1st Place - Hannah Heyer “Light Keeper’s Place

2nd Place - Tom McGregor “free the Fish”

3rd Place - Michelle Wegler “Warm Light, Cool Light” 

Quick Paint Awards: 

1st Place - Dan Mondloch “Crisp & Clean”

2nd Place - Cheryl LeClair Sommer “Permanent and Transient”

3rd Place - Joanne Carmody Meierhofer “Harbor View”


Sense of Place Award (OPM): Richard Abraham “Temperance River Bend”


Best Historic Place Award (CCHS): Christine Tierney “S. Bally Blacksmith”