Facility Rental Amenities

The Johnson Heritage Post is open to the public and any rental during normal business hours will not provide the renter exclusive access to any portion of the facility, nor will sales or solicitations be permitted during normal business hours. Events held outside of normal business hours will provide private, exclusive use of the facility. At the discretion of the JHP, if a staff person’s presence is required at the event, renter will also be charged a rate of $25 per hour for this person whose only responsibility is to safeguard the building and its contents. This person is not a part of your event staff.

All rentals include the use of wood folding tables with tablecloths, white folding event chairs & coffeepots/water pitchers.

*Please note full facility rentals and one room rentals are available. There are discounts if you are a non-profit organization.

 Amenities Available:

  • Full Kitchen Including: Refrigerator, Stove, Microwave & Dishwasher

  • Projector Screen and LCD Projector

  • WHite folding event chairs

  • wood folding tables w. Tablecloths (Seats 8 when not put together)

  • Sound System w. Microphones

  • Coffee Pots & Water Pitchers

For more information on renting the JHP Art Gallery please refer to the Facility Rental Application or contact us at: jhp@boreal.org or 218.387.2314