The Cook County Historical Society Invites You To Volunteer!


The Cook County Historical Society is seeking volunteers for it’s 2019 year!

The Cook County Historical Society operates 5 historic locations including the Lighthouse Keeper’s Museum, the Johnson Heritage Post Art Gallery, Bally Blacksmith Shop, the Fish House & the Fishing Tug the NeeGee.

There are many opportunities to volunteer…whether weekly at the Museum or JHP Art Gallery or for odd jobs. Some odd jobs include Museum yard cleanup, outside painting of the Museum and the JHP Art Gallery, Oral History recording for the Museum and digitizing historic items at the Museum. These are just a few examples of the many things we need volunteers for!

If you have any interest in helping out at any location please contacts us - we have many odd things to do that take zero physical work.

For more information please contact the Cook County Historical Society at 218.387.2883 or